my favorite youtubers

My Favorite YouTubers

Hi there ladies (and maybe gentlemen too)! It’s sunday which means lots of chilling in your favorite pj’s and having that cheat meal you’ve been longing for all week. Combine those two with some nice YouTube videos and you pretty much have the perfect night ahead of you. Now, this wouldn’t be Section Eleven if I didn’t share my favorite YouTube Channels with you !

my favorite youtubers

Grab yourself a cup of tea and get ready to chill!


I can describe this girl in two words “Editing Queen“! She and her videos are so put together it hurts my eyes. I like to watch her videos because it inspires me to be as creative as possible. Definitely go check her out.

Chloe boucher

Her Irish accent, her looks, her make-up,  I instantly fell in love with her aka I got a ginormous girlcrush. She makes videos about everything but I love her make-up tutorials the most, certainly because I am almost as pale as her wich makes her tips very helpful.

Linda Hallberg

Oh Linda, you’ve had my heart for a while now. I just love her style! She has a certain edge to her that I absolutely admire. I love watching her vlogs and tutorials, she is an amazing MUA with a great personality.

Mellisa Alatorre

Another beauty that I discovered a while ago, her looks are very sexy and sultry and so is she. Nothing else to add, just watch!


This is a channel for my dutchies. You guys probably all know Anna Nooshin, she is the owner of the online magazine NSMBL and started a YouTube channel some time ago. I freaking love the “Ask A Guy ” series, the effects are hilarious and the guys are worth watching too. If you understand Dutch you need to check it out. I cracks me up each time.


Katy is an golden oldie on Youtube and I think everybody knows her and John by now. Besides her channel on YouTube I like to follow her on SnapChat as well, she and her bestie Desi Perkins (who is also on my “to watch list”) are always having so much fun. Apart from being great at make-up they are hilarious!

Ofcourse my list doesn’t stop right there, but these are the ones I am currently into the most! I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I do, don’t hesitate to share your faves in the comments down below.



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