Silver Bar Necklace

Hi there! I recently got the chance to add an extra piece to my “real” jewelry collection, I’ve been eying a bar necklace for a while now and I am proud to present it to you.

bar necklace


I have collected quite some jewelry over the years, but I only have a few pieces that have some “worth”. I really want to start building out a collection that I can maybe one day pass over to my little ones, just like my great grandmother did. Okay, all seriousness aside. Lets take a closer look!


I you have been following me for a while you can tell that I love the minimal things, well actually nowadays all of us do.
I chose for a simple, small bar with only my first letter “D” engraved. Luckily my boyfriends name starts with the same letter so he thinks it stand for his name, but lets keep that a secret 😉

bar necklace

I love the fact that it is close to my neck and easy to combine with other necklaces . I catch myself putting it on more often than I would think, its like that pair of shoes that goes with everything and you just throw on without thinking. It might become a staple piece of mine.


The necklace is real silver and you can find it at  names4ever.nl for 29,95 euro

Thanks for reading,
xoxo Danique

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