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I’m too sexy for my shirt

Hair: check. Make-up: check. T-shirt: on fleek!! We can not longer get around it, sassy shirts are everywhere. Normally I always wear a plain shirt, but I have been filling my basket online (without checking it out) with lots of cute T’s. So guess what? Here is my selection/wishlist. cherry on top I love how […]

Silver Bar Necklace

Hi there! I recently got the chance to add an extra piece to my “real” jewelry collection, I’ve been eying a bar necklace for a while now and I am proud to present it to you.   I have collected quite some jewelry over the years, but I only have a few pieces that have […]

Homemade Cereal Bars

Jup it’s that time of year again. We are all stressing about our summerbodies but at the same time we love to stuff our faces with … well everything. Now, I have found a solution for my sweet tooth and I am about to share it with you. Ingredients 250gr Peanutbutter 100gr Honey Rice Krispies Oatmeal 1 […]

Reebok club c 85

I love wearing sneakers and I never hesitate to get an extra pair. The last few weeks the Reebok club c 85 really caught my eye and since Gigi Hadid became the face of the brand the hype only got worse. I orderded my pearly whites on Zalando because I had a reduction code, which is always […]

Tom Ford Haul

Happy sunday y’all! This post doesn’t need much of an intro, just look at it. Gorgeous! They say that pictures can say more than a thousand words, well in this case its an understatement. Uhmm…we will discuss the price later. Bronzing Powder in Terra The packaging is just pure class. It might not be handy because of […]

Armani SI Intense Eau De Parfum

Lately I been having a weak spot for buying and collecting perfumes, I love how they can add an extra dimension to your look. Si Intense from Armani is one of my latest additions and favorites. Its always a nice extra when the bottle looks stunning on your dressing table. Armani chose for the same elegant design, […]

My Favorite YouTubers

Hi there ladies (and maybe gentlemen too)! It’s sunday which means lots of chilling in your favorite pj’s and having that cheat meal you’ve been longing for all week. Combine those two with some nice YouTube videos and you pretty much have the perfect night ahead of you. Now, this wouldn’t be Section Eleven if I didn’t share […]

Quick Tutorial – Fake Freckles

Hi guys! Today we are going to do it a lil’ different. I have a fun quick tutorial for you but also (drum roll), I am writing this post in English. Why? Well simply because it makes me reach a lot more of you beauty addicts. So lets give it a go! If you have […]

New York Color Haul en review

Ook al gaat mijn hartje sneller kloppen van high-end make-up, toch zijn er van die producten die geen 5 euro kosten maar vast in mijn stash zitten. Zo ging ik onlangs naar het Kruidvat om mijn tweede  NYC bronzer te kopen en besloot ik de andere producten ook eens een kans te geven. Het Kruidvat heeft […]


Een mooie make-up begint bij een goede basis. Ik deel met jullie dan ook maar al te graag mijn favoriete producten van het moment die ervoor zorgen dat mijn make-up er niet alleen beter uitziet, maar ook langer blijft zitten. Zoals jullie inmiddels weten raad ik sowieso aan om elke dag een goede dagcrème aan […]