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I’m too sexy for my shirt

Hair: check. Make-up: check. T-shirt: on fleek!! We can not longer get around it, sassy shirts are everywhere. Normally I always wear a plain shirt, but I have been filling my basket online (without checking it out) with lots of cute T’s. So guess what? Here is my selection/wishlist.

cherry on top

I love how cute it looks and how the cherries are placed a tiny bit naughty.  Loavies has lots of these it- shirts with fun texts and prints.

sherry on top

Loavies shirt 21,99 euro

You can never have enough cherries.

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-14 om 21.13.17Berschka 4,99 euro



OMG where to begin… .


Gucci Print Cotton T-Shirt $550

This one doesn’t need an intro, it has been all over Instagram lately and I WANT IT SO BAD! Unfortunately my wallet doesn’t allow it yet. While browsing on the Gucci site I also found these…


Gucci Sequin UFO cotton shirt $950


Gucci Angry Cat Embroidered Cotton T-Shirt $990

Contrast Collar

Okay, back to normal prices and collars. I love the sporty and casual look on these T-shirts. Actually I was looking for a plain white shirt with multiple colors. So for example red around the neck and blue around the sleeves, if anybody knows what I mean let me know!


Boohoo  $14


Zara 5,95 euro

Brands galore

You get a Levi’s, you get a Levi’s,  everybody gets a Levi’s!! They are everywhere now, all the big sports brands are represented in big capital letters on lots of boobies (and also chests). Reebok, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Nike, Champion and many more.

This pink one really caught my eye because the logo is not in your face and the color would be a nice change comparing to my black and white closet.


Adidas 29,95 euro


Words to live by

On to the next category: words and phrases of all types. They can be empowering, rebellious, funny, sexy, you name it.


Topshop 19,95 euro

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mbyM 39,95 euro


Rock it

Last but not least we have the T-shirts that looks like you bought them at a concert because you are a huge fan. Reality: you don’t know the songs but hey the shirt looks cool. My advise is to do some research because you always have people that will try to bond with you because they are also a “huge fan” just like you. Trust me I learned the hard way.

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-15 om 23.32.21

Zara 17,95 euro

Which ones are on your list?

Thanks for reading,
xoxo Danique